kW X-port 3ds Max X file exporter

For some reason, users are getting "cannot display page" and "content decoding" errors on this kw X-port plugin site. It works in FireFox, but not in Chrome or IE9. I have no idea why -- perhaps Drupal, or one of the plug-ins I'm using, is generating bad UTF-8? Or maybe Dreamhost changed proxies and suddenly something is broken. I simply don't have the time to run this site any longer -- it's bad enough that I still haven't updated the exporter to 3ds Max version 2012.
Any year now -- Real Soon Now -- Promise!)
So, my drastic fix is this: You can read this text. You can download the installers. However, all the log-in and forums and contact-me functionality is gone. This is pretty much a static web page now! If you need to talk to me, try tweeting @jwatte or contacting me as hplus0603 on
Source code access should still work. Try the following:
git clone
Also, the ads weren't really making me any money, so they're gone, too. If it had been wildly successful, I imagine I'd have had more time to run the site itself :-)